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Welcome to Final Survivor

Our goal is to provide the thru-hikers and survival enthusiasts of Australia with a comprehensive selection of the highest quality, best priced equipment for all scenario’s.  As retail outlets with large overheads and huge markup’s become less and less popular consumers are increasingly looking to an online option that cuts out the middle-man.

 Making your selection of outdoor gear in Australia can be a great challenge as you compare suppliers overseas suppliers with each-other, get to the checkout then double your spend with shipping.  At Final Survivor we always offer a Free Shipping option with every item and our refund conditions ensure that you have a full two weeks after delivery to inspect your items and make sure they meet expectations.

 We are on the lookout for Australian adventure and survival enthusiast to become contributors to our website and there will be special discounted rates for those selected.  If you would like to apply for this opportunity send us an e-mail at and we will be in touch!

-F.S Team